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Tal Rosner

Family Tree

12 February until 6 March 2010

PV: 11 February, 7 - 9pm

Tenderpixel Gallery is pleased to present Family Tree by BAFTA award-winning video artist Tal Rosner. Family Tree is a seven channel video installation, where a display of family photographs is transformed into a digital wall of pulsating rhythms and bundled/scattered flashbacks. Family Tree deals with personal recollections and the perception of memory re-learnt, interlacing performance and moving image. The installation synthesizes a microcosm of relationships between the abstract and the real, pieces of land and body-parts, interiors and exteriors, colours and shapes. 

Combining synced monitors, and projectors, Rosner creates a double-layer of image perception: one coming from within the screens and another via a juxtaposed projector on top. Exploring and widening the possibilities of combining these existing forms of technology, the show elevates them to a new, unique and highly kinetic level of co-existence. 

The installation is produced by B&W Films Ltd (Rosa Bosch & James Pout) and features a poem by Rozalie Hirs (from: 'Charm', Amsterdam, Querido, 2008).

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