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Sunshine Frère / Jenny Pickett

If I Can’t Have You, No One Can

27 June until 16 July 2008

PV: 26 June, 7 - 9pm

In a vacuum of twisted cultural consumerism, If I Can’t Have You, No One Can, will dabble with the decaying nature of desire that compels us to throw cash into the degenerative black holes of the capitalist machinery. As desiring machines, visitors are invited to participate as either the savior or destroyer of artifacts in a bazaar of cultural cut-ups.

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Sunshine Frere has a longstanding obsession with systems and variables. Her artistic practice is cross-disciplinary and it frequently employs interactive diversion. Frere obtained a BFA from Concordia University, Montreal (2005), and an MA in Interactive Media from Goldsmiths (2007). Selected exhibitions include: Group Video Show, Oblong Gallery, 2010, TESTING, TESTING 123, Outside World Gallery, London, 2009, 2 Virgin Marys are better than 1, DSG, London, 2009, Hearing Ghosts, Maison Rouge, Paris, 2008, and Re:Boot Area 10 London, 2008. Frere has also successfully completed numerous collaborative projects with artists Jenny Pickett & Holly Stevenson. In 2009, Frere & Stevenson co-founded and today remain silent partners of the DSG (Dirty Square Gallery), London.

Jenny Pickett is a British artist based at APO33: artists' research lab in Nantes, France. Pickett graduated from Falmouth College of Arts in 2004 with BA(hons) in Fine Art and went on to received an MA in Interactive Media from Goldsmiths in 2007. Jenny Pickett has shown internationally including exhibitions in UK, France, Norway and Italy – where APO33 will exhibit Diffrazione at Live!iXem Festival 2011 in December. Pickett works with a plurality of audio and visual languages from which she creates layers of meaning that explore, amongst narrative subjects, the influences of sound upon the gaze and visa versa. Alongside her practice Pickett’s work at APO33 is to establish cross-border collaborations with other artist-run organisations, both in Europe and internationally. 

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