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Hrvoje Majer

Inner Metamorphoses

15 April until 8 May 2010

PV: 14 April, 7 - 9pm

Inner Metamorphoses will showcase Majer's new oil paintings, further developing his exploration of the inner lives of people, and making visible their micro-emotional and psychological states through his brushstrokes. Inspired by Ovid's Metamorphoses, Inner Metamorphoses is themed around the discourse of historical and mythological paintings, whilst investigating contemporary expressions of fate and divine intervention.

Majer's practice is grounded in the exploration of human relationships, both internal and external. He is specifically interested in conceptually tracing the creation of these relationships between ourselves and those close to us. Bypassing emotional facades, he traces the nuances of almost invisible mental processes. These mental states and phases are both personal and universal: 'the little anxieties', 'the little fears' and 'the little doubts' are themes endlessly preoccupying our societal psyche. Majer's paintings make their subjects conscious of their unconscious while illuminating their auras of self judgment and acceptance.

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Hrvoje Majer (b 1975 Zagreb) lives and works in London. His recent exhibitions include a joint exhibition with Geraldine Gliubislavich at VEGAS, London; and ASC Gallery, London. He completed an MA in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins in 2005. 

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