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Tobias Smith

Light After Dark

12 until 24 February 2009

PV: 11 February, 7 - 9pm

Power stations are both numerous and massive in their structure and yet they lie on the periphery of our landscapes and on the edge of our consciousness.
– Tobias Smith

Light After Dark is a series of photographs that affectively portray the mass energy that flows through England's primary power stations. Through the infrastructure of the National Grid these 32 structures warm, illuminate, charge and power our homes and industry. We are quick to use them as negative icons of pollution but wilfully ignorant of our reliance on the electricity they produce for our needs.

The show exposes the fragile relationship between energy production, the environment, and society's ever-increasing need for power. All of the images in this series are captured between sunset and sunrise with large format colour film exposures ranging between 2 minutes and 5 hours.

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