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Jeremy Wood

Mowing the Lawn

13 May until 22 June 2010

PV: 12 May, 7 - 9pm

Over the past ten years, Jeremy Wood has pioneered the act of drawing and mapping with satellite navigation technology by treating himself as a geodesic pencil. His everyday journeys are compiled to map his whereabouts and present a personal cartography that reveals a unique and detailed interaction with space and time. After making the world's biggest drawing of a pentagram by taking and tracking five airline flights over Europe, Jeremy has switched focus to the microcosm that is his back garden. 

Mowing the Lawn charts the artist's movements on a riding mower throughout the course of several seasons. In this new body of work, Wood makes use of his unique GPS data stream by precisely plotting his time, date and position coordinates to reveal an evolving exploration of travel. Underneath the densely layered tracks are individual narratives that express a freedom of movement generated from an act of garden maintenance. Their fine linear qualities are evocative of how we negotiate our journeys in bounded areas and reflect upon the ruts we make along our travels. 

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Jeremy Wood is a UK and Greece-based artist. His work is an expression of the poetry and politics of space and reflects upon how we treat our travels and interact with location. Wood's work is exhibited internationally and is in the permanent collection of the University of the Arts and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. Wood is an MFA Graduate of Central Saint Martin's (2005) and a BFA graduate from the University of Derby (1999).

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