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Namhee Kwon

Solo Show

10 March until 1 April 2011

PV: 9 March, 7 - 9pm

Namhee Kwon is a Korean conceptual artist based in Seoul. Interested in representing literary poetic impressions of everyday life through a visual language, and using text and symbols to alter the visual perceptions of her surroundings, she echoes the minimalist movement of the 1960s. For Tenderpixel Gallery, Kwon will subtly transform the space in to a world of numbers, poetically distorting scale and placement. Through the installation of white neon numbers onto the gallery walls, each wall becomes reminiscence of a an empty book page. 

Namhee Kwon's recent practice has involved investigating signs and numbers in their connection to literature. From early on in her career, she attempts to mimic the manner in which an author writes a novel. Both relying on composition, her own practice has become epic and rhythmic: works have been made, sometimes they disappear sometimes they are destroyed, sometimes only the title remains.

Namhee Kwon.

Namhee Kwon.

Namhee Kwon has a BFA from Gangnung National University, Korea (1994), as well as, an MFA from Honglk University, Korea (1997) and an MA from Goldsmiths, University of London (2002). Her solo-exhibitions include the Twain Tippets Gallery, USA and the KunstDoc Gallery, Korea;. Kwon has been awarded numerous awards including grants from the Arts Council England, the Arts Council of Korea, and Arts Council of Seoul.

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