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Nina Torp

One-Act Play

4 until 28 November 2010

PV: 3 November, 7 - 9pm

One-Act Play is Nina Torp's first solo-exhibition in the UK. Torp is a Norwegian artist known for her multi-media installations exploring cultural phenomena surrounding the cultivation of landscape. For Tenderpixel, Torp investigates Iceland's history as a destination for sublime experiences by early travellers and expeditions. Editing history and examining the reproduction of place, she interprets the archetypal in art history, landscape and other.

One-Act Play features concepts developed by Nina Torp during her recent residency at SIM, Iceland (May 2010). Throughout the ages, natural phenomena have been used in set design and theatre. Like seeing a play, tourists travel to divine destinations, places with pathways and vantage points reminiscent of these same scenographic structures. The moment tourists experience these places they simultaneously become a part of the site's history. Shifting spatial organisation between history and tourist, Torp asks: Who or what is the real spectator?

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Nina Torp (b. 1970) has studied at the Royal College of Art, London, Kent Institute of Art & Design, Maidstone (now called University for The Creative Arts, UCA, Maidstone), and Ecole des Beaux-Arts, Toulouse. Since her education she has participated in a number of juried group and solo shows and exhibited in a multitude of countries; Iceland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Japan, UK and Norway. In 2009 she had a solo show "Memoirs of A Tourist" at Gallery LNM (The Association of Fine Art Painters), Oslo. Torp has won a number of awards from the Norwegian Arts Council. In 2008 she received the distinguished 3-year working grant from the Norwegian Cultural State Fund. Torp lives and works in Berlin and Oslo.

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