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Marina Kassianidou

Re - Surface

13 August until 5 September 2009

PV: 12 August, 7 - 9pm

Re-Surface, Mariana Kassianidou's first solo show in London, amplifies the historic traces of the gallery space's past inhabitants, and responds to each surface, referencing patterns and echoing scratches, dirt and stains in the actual gallery space.

The placement of the works re-activates elements, while investigating notions of texture and surface. Kassianidou's installation includes 'pseudo-hidden art,' such as the placement of linoleum pieces on a similar floor, oscillating between being a piece of art or a piece of floor, between presence and absence. By partially blending into its surroundings, the work relates to the notion of a 'fugitive' image/artwork and offers an alternative discourse.

'Kassianidou is moving away from art that is about other art and towards processes such as ageing and weathering that eventually give a surface its character [...] The artist's marks make more evident the traces left on the wall from people's movements through space, such as fingerprints or smudges.'
– Andrew Smaldone

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Marina Kassianidou is an artist and writer based in Limassol and London. Upon graduating from Stanford University in 2002 with a BA in Studio Art and a BS in Computer Science, she was awarded the Arthur Giese Memorial Award for Excellence in Painting. In 2005, she obtained an MFA at Central Saint Martins and is currently pursuing a PhD in Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design. Her work has been exhibited internationally and her writings have appeared in journals in the USA and Europe. 

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