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Richard Ansett / Gary Welch

Duo Show

13 December 2007 until 22 January 2008

PV: 12 December, 7 - 9pm

Richard Ansett has work in permanent collections at The National Portrait Gallery and The Smithsonian Institute. He has also previously exhibited at Tate Modern. On display in Tenderpixel Gallery is a distinctive selection of Ansett’s recent works. He will be showing for the first time his NoCoatOnFatal Attraction - aka Puzzle series. Restructuring his model's environment and using tools such as dislocation and unfamiliarity, he sheds light on narratives that would otherwise remain hidden. 

Gary Welch specialises in stereoscopic photography. For his installation at Tenderpixel Gallery, he will arrange 20 viewers on telescopic mounts each one suspended in frozen orbit around a fixed light source. His imaginative choice of medium magically infuses the minutiae of daily life making it epic. Stereoscopic photography is a Victorian invention, the first 3D photograph was taken only six years after the first two-dimensional one; Welch brings this long neglected art form back to the forefront of contemporary art. 

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