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10 February until 5 March 2011

PV: 9 February, 7 - 9pm

Created by Anthony Rowe, Gareth Bushell, Chris Bennewith, Liam Birtles and Alexander Rishaug, Scapes conjures into being three-dimensional cities, landscapes and abstract architectures purely from sound, software and light. Chimaera-like visions of ephemeral spaces are created and destroyed in real-time. They occupy physical space, but only fleetingly. They leave nothing behind when they, and the sounds that spawned them, vanish.

Tuned software and specifically designed sounds are used to generate a series of abstract landscapes visualised on a bespoke room-sized 3-D grid of lights controlled in real-time. As the sounds are played through speakers and picked up with microphones, the visual process can be interacted with - intercepted, corrupted and altered by visitors making their own sounds to interfere with the original audiovisual designs.

The work is part of an ongoing series of explorations into the creative and immersive possibilities of light-based real-time visualisation in physical space. At the heart of the project is a room-sized 3-D grid of individually addressable points of light (Ocean of Light) that is controllable in real-time to simulate objects and movement in physical space. This custom hardware enables the creation of dynamic, interactive, three-dimensional sculptures from light. The resulting imagery has a presence, a location in physical space that allows the viewer to move around and experience the work from any angle.

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Squidsoup's work combines sound, physical space and virtual worlds to produce immersive and emotive headspaces. They aim to allow participants to take active control of their experience. They explore the modes and effects of interactivity, looking to make digital experiences where meaningful and creative interaction can occur. Their work has been shown at numerous festivals and galleries around the world including: Ars Electronica (2010), Glastonbury (2010), SIGGRAPH (2001, 2010), Kinetica Art Fair (2010), Abandon Normal Devices (2009-10), ISEA (2002, 2009), Late at the V&A (2008), Late at Tate Britain (2007 and 2006), Future of Sound (2007) and SONAR (2001). Recognition includes an EMMA (Best On-line Art 2000) a BAFTA nomination (Interactive Arts, 2002) and Honorable Mention in the Interactive Art category at FILE PRIX LUX (2010).

Alexander Rishaug is collaborating with Squidsoup primarily on the sonic aspects of this work. Alexander Rishaug is a sound artist, producer and musician based in Oslo, Norway. Rishaug is a part of the experimental music scene in Norway and has released music on labels such as Smalltown Supersound, Rune Grammofon and Asphodel.

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