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Victoria Stanton / Christian Richer


17 March until 10 April 2010

PV: 16 March, 7 - 9pm

Tenderpixel Gallery is pleased to present Stuff , the first London exhibition by Quebecois artists Victoria Stanton and Christian Richer. Gallery visitors are invited to bring an object to which to they feel an emotional attachment (from key-ring to crystal goblet). Together, Victoria and guest will discuss the object's history and personal significance. They will also sketch individual and comparative interpretations of the precious object in question. Victoria is not interested in one's capabilities to draw, but the fleeting moments of change and exchange that will occur daily within the realm of the gallery.

Christian will record, and transform these conversations into atmospheric tape loops, slowly building a soundtrack that accompanies the expanding collection of drawings: Shuffling, recording, sketching, editing, broadcasting and affixing. Christian will also be performing a live set on the Closing event evening on April 8th. Mixing field recordings from neighbouring streets with sonic fragments captured during the residence, he will present an audio portrait of his passage through London. 

The exhibition space at Tenderpixel is located within a charming court world-renown for its eclectic objects. An ideal site for a performance like Victoria & Christian's, Cecil Court is London's Mecca of ephemera. The shops of the court are filled with antiques, unique art deco jewellery, vintage theatre posters & playbills, original edition miniature art & design works, first edition novels, venetian masks & paraphernalia, illustrated children's classics and esoteric publications. The historical atmosphere of the court will compliment Victoria & Christian's sensitive approach to exchange and nostalgia. The artist's residency at Tenderpixel will culminate in an immersive installation of playful images & evocative sounds: an eclectic collection of stuff.

Christian Richer (Montreal, Canada) is an ambient sound artist who has been steadily researching analogue technologies and the production and dissemination of sound via digitally captured field recordings and magnetic tape. An emerging electro-acoustic composer and tape-deck performer, he has been building and deconstructing sound loops for live presentations and audio recordings, taking the seemingly mundane and transforming it into architecturally responsive, multi-textured environments. He creates atmospheric, and at times unsettling, spaces with innovative sound design. Christian has released three albums, has composed soundtracks for art videos, short films and animation projects, has accompanied visual artists in live-art actions and has performed his dynamic and captivating ambient sets in Montreal, Ottawa, Washington, Brooklyn, and most recently in Sardinia and Berlin.

Victoria Stanton (Montreal, Canada) is a performance artist, video-maker, photographer, and writer of fiction, poetry, critical texts, and songs. Her time-based work includes performance for stage, actions in public spaces, and one-on-one, relational encounters in intimate contexts. She has presented performances, interventions, and videos in Canada, the U.S., Europe, the U.K., Australia and Japan. Her creative and critical writings have been published in Canadian and American anthologies and art/literary/lifestyle magazines. She is the co-author with Vincent Tinguely of Impure: Reinventing the Word (conundrum press, 2001) and is currently working on a new book with the TouVA Collective (comprised of Anne Berube, Sylvie Tourangeau and Stanton) on the practice of performance within a Canadian/Quebecois context.

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