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Sungfeel Yun and Eric Ayotte

Duo Show

20 March until 5 May 2008

PV: 19 March, 7 - 9pm

Sungfeel Yun creates stunning and expansive sculptural matrices that embody energy, whilst Eric Ayotte's practice as a painter explores visual interruptions that reference computer screens and analytical abstractions. Upon reflection, aesthetic and conceptual nodes reveal themselves. Ayotte and Yun's work freeze and release instants by severing and connecting events within multiple time-scales. 

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Eric Ayotte is based in New York City. Recent work has been shown in Paris (Gallery Suty, 2007), New York (White Box Gallery, 2007; WORK Gallery, 2009) and California (Rock Paper Scissors Gallery 2008). Eric is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (BFA 2002) and Goldsmiths College University of London (PGDip 2003, MFA 2007). 

Sungfeel Yun has received numerous awards and accolades in Korea, including the National Museum of Contemporary Art Award (2006), the Seoul Art Award (2005) and the MBC Figurative Sculpture Exhibition Award (2004). His artistic portfolio comprises several public and private commissions in Seoul, Cheonan and Jungsun.

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