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Tenderpix 2008

Film and Video Competition

31 July 2008

For this timely and pressing exhibition, London duo patten reconfigures fragmentary background elements of film, literature, sound and set design collected from the world of modern sci-fi into a hallucinogenic and immersive audiovisual environment. The resulting space sets the stage for a non-dystopic reimagining of a positive collective future, asking; 'how do we make it to 3049?', a question that grows more urgent with each passing day.

Their ambitious project also reaches outside the gallery walls through events such as a live radio broadcast, and off-site club night, talks, and a labyrinthine publication featuring contributors from the worlds of art, fashion, philosophy, music, design, cinema, science, architecture and forecasting. 


The exhibition will be accompanied by a 3049 publication, 
available for free at the gallery and including contributions by: 

Alexander Tucker / Amy Ireland / Chal Ravens / Charlie Robin Jones / Chooc Ly Tan / Coby Sey / Daata Editions / DeForrest Brown Jr. / Emily Bick / Emily LaBarge / Gordon Cheung / Hana Noorali / Laure Prouvost / Hannah Diamond / Hannah Gregory / Hans Ulrich Obrist / Hayden Martin / Hisham Akira Bharoocha / Ibrahim Cisse / Imran Perretta / Dr Isabella Maidment / James Smith / Johnny Golding / Jonathan P. Watts / Juha van ‘t Zelfde / Keep It Complex (Kathrin Böhm & Rosalie Schweiker) / Kévin Bray / Larry Achiampong / Lawrence Lek / Liam Gillick / Lisa Blanning / Lucy A. Sames / Marialaura Ghidini / Markus Vater / Mat Dryhurst / Matt Calderwood / MICAT Architects (Cathrin Walczyk & Michael Garnett) / Nabil Ahmed / Nav Haq / Nkisi / Paul Kneale / Paul Purgas / Philomena Epps / Philomene Pirecki / Pierre Coinde / Ruth Saxelby / Sam Rolfes / Shezad Dawood / Simeon Barclay / Sitraka Rakotoniaina / Susan Hiller / Tai Shani / Taylor LeMelle / Victoria Sin / Yuri Pattison / Zadie Xa  / Zoe Lazarus / Edited and designed by patten/555-5555, & published with the support of Tenderpixel

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