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Agnes Poitevin-Navarre

The Knowledge

18 December 2008 until 15 January 2009

PV: 17 December, 7 - 9pm

Coupling the grammar of cartography with elements from the Proust Questionnaire entitled The Knowledge: Land of Wisdom & Land of Achievement, Poitevin-Navarre explores notions of identity and expectations. By democratically marking survey responses of people from all walks of life onto a series of London borough maps, the artist highlights emergent patterns of collective wisdom, personal achievements and aspirations. The anonymity of each response to the Proust Questionnaire allows for a more open interpretation; contributors can be true to themselves whilst answering the questions, and the audience is unable to pass judgment based on gender, age, race and creed. Poitevin-Navarre also plays with the notion of the census, addressing the 'reputations' of certain boroughs. 

Installation view

Installation view

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