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Josephine Halbert

Time Travel Boyfriends

7 until 14 February 2008

PV: 6 February, 7 - 9pm

Time Travel Boyfriends is a collection of visual love-letters by artist Josephine Halbert to twelve hopelessly unavailable men. Her pin-up heroes range from Grey Owl (a sort of Ray Mears of the 1930s) to Jim Morrison. These men form a rather eclectic array but they all share a certain worldly showmanship and individuality.

The work is an exploration of the theme of adolescent dreams and hopes, romance and longing,. The artist has skillfully used her fictional character to express and explore the workings of the human heart, perhaps as a coping mechanism of her own, she is on a kind of emotional fantasy rescue mission. This show was shown in collaboration with Beverley Knowles Fine Art.

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