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Hogharth Brown / Lizzie Cannon

Trophallaxis Concreus Palibracchius

10 September until 3 October 2009

PV: 9 September, 7 - 9pm

Hogarth Brown has metaphorically and etymologically applied the concept of 'trophallaxis' to the collective cultural stomach of humanity: this project serves as an in-depth look at the constant consumption and regurgitation of ideas and obsessions. Hogarth’s light boxes reflect on society’s current state of affairs.

Lizzie Cannon investigates pavement as an interface between human activity and plant growth. She endeavours to present nature as a product of symbiosis between what humans consciously construct and what might occur beyond their control. Concreus Palibracchius was created in response to a botanically barren metropolitan landscape. The artist, like a gardener, has fabricated, nurtured and nourished a deviant strain of ‘urban-nature’ through the laborious process of hand stitch. 

Lizzie Cannon, Concreus Palibracchius.

Lizzie Cannon, Concreus Palibracchius.

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