Being able to exist on this planet is so evidently contingent on sharing it: as social beings as well as economic and ecological factors, our fate is bound to other entities. As we cohabit this place, our bodies pump the same air, water and nutrients and ultimately we use and become part of the same soil, (oil)… What we share with living creatures – be it bacterial, floral, fungal or animal – is that we live in the connections of complex systems created and used by other beings.

This series will look at how structures start to erode, and the way we are affected by this process. The hangover is a bodily, visceral response to exposure to toxins, the coming down from intoxication, overconsumption, artificial enhancements or acceleration. It involves changes in the metabolism and immune system, and a painfully clear perception. In this troubled moment when reconnecting with usual routines is difficult, as we are more acutely aware of the surroundings, and its broken parts.